We all know that Legaspi Village in Makati houses different gems of the indie food scene here in Manila and we happen to discover another jewel – Naimas: A Taste of Home. It’s a budding Filipino restaurant along Amorsolo Street.

We went over Naimas on a Thursday night for an after-office dinner. It has an easy breezy vibe, with industrial interior, wooden fixtures, colorful photo frames and many little plants – hanging and vased. The plants add the home-y feels to it. The place can accommodate 50-60 people.

Did you know that Naimas is an Ilocano word for delicious? No? Now you know!
Their carinderia-style counter got a little bit posh
A shelf where they get their ingredients. They’re also selling different condiments like patis and bagoong isda.

We ordered Kalderetang Kambing, Adobong Itik, Monggo Bagnet, Basing Tahong and Ampalaya Bagnet. It is strangely comforting how the place offers twist-less Filipino dishes. The kind of familiarity wherein you don’t need to ask the waiter what’s on the menu (What food is that? How do you pronounce that?) just straight up Pinoy dishes that will take you by the heart – literally!


It didn’t take long for the food to be served. Their a la carte has a hefty serving, which is lovely by the way, and it’s good for sharing with up to 2 people.

Their bagnet is pure sin. It’s crispy, but soft to the core. It is so good, that you’ll immediately feel bad about finishing the whole thing, complemented with their veggies which are perfect for us homecooked meal-deprived employees.

Putok-batok goodness. Can you feel your blood rising just by looking at it?
Ampalaya Bagnet
Monggo Bagnet

Their Kalderetang Kambing is rich and creamy. It’s not spicy, so it’s good for spicy food-intolerant peeps. But you can just squash the chopped red chili pepper in there if you want a little kick of flavor. Whereas their Basing Tahong is so soft and tasty, it’s has a creamy chowder sauce sprinkled with parsley.

Kalderetang Kambing
Kalderetang Kambing

Their Adobong Itik is the bomb! The flavor is just so intense and it’s a sure-fire hit to all you beer drinkers and non-drinkers, of course. Nonetheless, it’s a dead-on kind of comfort food or pulutan that you might just need but haven’t thought of yet.

Adobong Itik 💣💣💣
Team Huwaw at Naimas
Team Huwaw at Naimas

Go ahead and spend your cheat day at Naimas. True to their tagline, it definitely tastes like home – simple and comforting. It’s a decent refresher from all the epicurean food hubs around town.

This is their menu
UPDATE: Their IG is @naimas_taste_of_home


Naimas Review

Naimas Restaurant is located at G/F CAP bldg., Amorsolo Street cor. Rufino Street, Legaspi Village, Makati City

Contact No.: 625 5943 / 0977 403 2290

Open from 11am – 11pm; 11am – 8pm on Sundays

Naimas FB | Naimas Instagram