We were both alien and awed
Time has been rendered powerless here
This is where we started to merge
Our words and silences
This is where we began the world

Sagada is truly a picture of diversity. It is where you can meet people from different cultures, with different beliefs, and traditions. A chilly atmosphere where you can totally relax and refuel, an escape from a shoddy and draining city life. A place that’s filled with majestic sights of terraces, mountains, streams, and an opportunity to be exposed to the peaceful rural life of the Igorots.

Day 1

Episcopal Church of Saint Mary the Virgin

The Episcopal Church is a great example of the influences of the old traditions. I’ve been into several religious sites, but this one is unique for its large stone structure and the old bells in display showcasing how such a remote ethnic group welcome Christianity.

It took us approximately 15 to 20 minutes to walk from Episcopal Church to Lumiang and Sumaging cave.

Sumaging Cave and Lumiang Burial Cave

Since we went to Sagada with only our arses and few baggages, we’re not armed with any package deals or whatsoever, so we went to the local tourism center for assistance and offers first-timers can get. Before going to any tourist spots or joining in any adventures, you have to ask their permission first, and so we did. They offered two packages, a short trip inside the (a) Sumaging Cave or (b) Cave Connections, where you will explore both Sumaging and Lumiang. Apparently, we chose the latter to be able to maximize the whole trip, and of course we weren’t disappointed!

It took us 3 and a half hours to explore both caves. Being in a dark cave with coffins on its walls is an experience you shouldn’t miss. We’ve been told that the bodies are placed in a fetal position. Yes it’s kinda creepy but, we learned that it’s the ancient way of burial of the ancient tribes of Sagada. Very interesting – eerily interesting!


Just make sure to water-proof all your belongings and atleast be mentally-ready if not physical, to go into caving. But it is worth all the effort because you’ll see different rock formations that will surely amaze you, it’s truly breath-taking (pun intended!), just be careful with the slippery limestones you don’t wanna take home cuts and bruises.


We spend the night at Alapo’s Inn. Nothing can beat the accommodation with a great deal of price for tourist and locals, for only P350.00 per head you can get a proper place to rest and sleep for a night. The simplicity of the place adds up to its charm.

Day 2

Woke up at 4 in the morning to travel to Mt. Kiltepan.

It is one of the most heavenly sites that you’ll thank yourself that you wake up early. Standing from the peak of Mt. Kiltepan and seeing all of nature’s glory — the terraces, the mountains, the skies, and the place where the earth and sky meet, it is enchanting!

Watching the sunrise from Kiltepan

We watched the sunrise and it was lovely!



It’s an hour and 30 minutes walk together with our Igorot tour guide. Walking on the trail is not that easy because of the combination of sunshine and cold breeze that patches onto our skin. One of the most tiring trek I’ve been, it took 6,500 steps one way! As you go walk through the path you can see spectacular view of mountains, rice terraces and also the popular “Sea of Clouds”

This is a much-needed trip, it’s a blissful escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. It brings you closer to nature and we all know that nature brings peace, serenity, healing and appreciation to God’s creations. Maybe that’s why it is the place where broken hearts go according to the movie “That Thing Called Tadhana”, it is perfect for soul-searching.