Alden Richards, James Reid and Liza Soberano are the hottest young stars in this generation not just because of their gorgeous faces (which is a bonus) but also they have proven that they have talents. Well, it is undeniable that these young stars are influential given that they have different massive fandoms that support them and their respective loveteams.

But what if they pretend to be ordinary people doing ordinary jobs?

Let’s take a look as Alden, James and Liza take blue-collar jobs and how people reacted when they recognized them.

What will you do if your bagger looks like Alden Richards? Idk about you but we’ll totes freak out and prolly forget about our groceries (sorry Mom!) Aside from breaking records, the Pambansang Bae proves that he can also pack your groceries. Watch him as he undercovers as an ordinary bagger with a pair of glasses and hat (you tried, Alden, you tried)

Meanwhile, James Reid pretends to be Gino Medina, a sekyu who’s in charge of manning a building entrance. If our Manong Guard looks like James Reid, we won’t be leaving our building, OT pa more! Watch these women jumped for joy when they saw James in a security guard uniform, they even tried to touch his hair! We’re jealous, Hubby!

On the other hand, Liza Soberano, in a glamorous dress or just donning a barista get-up, cannot help but leave trails of male (and female) customers jaw-droppingly awestruck. I mean, look at her face! Plus she’s super nice to her customers with her winning smile. She even made an elderly man cry tears of joy.