“Dahil kapag biglaang lakad, natutuloy.”

Having a hard time organizing that long overdue dinner with the besties due to conflict in your schedules? Worry not because Google just dropped their latest app called Who’s Down that allows users to flag if they are free to hang out with, be it trying out the new indie restaurant in your town, going to yoga class, or just hangout (read: gossip)

You can toggle the switch if you want your friends to know if you’re up to socialize, the toggle lasts for 3 hours or you can switch it off manually if you have change of plans.

Who’s Down app saves you from the stress in inviting friends who can’t make-up their minds if they’re going or not. Conversations within the app disappear after 24 hours of inactivity, meaning they are a temporary of-the-moment chat, not a replacement for text messaging. This app is perfect for an impromptu hangout session with your barkadas.

It is available now for iOS and Android but is currently limited to invite-only, but you can send request for an invite to the app.