So there’s a new game app called “Tanim Bala” and it’s now available on Google Play!


Apparently, the game is based on the hottest and controversial issue which is gaining international attention about the alleged bullet planting of NAIA personnel in travelers’ luggage to be able to extort money from them for their release. We’re beyond mortified regarding this issue, not only it’s an embarrassment for our country to be in this subject but it can also paralyze our tourism and eventually our economy.

Just when we thought we’re already in a deep shiz living in a country with the priciest but slowest internet connection then came this Tanim Bala scheme. Being true to our Pinoy sense of humor,  there’s a game called “Tanim Bala (Bullet Planter)” developed by Kulit Games which you can download on Google Play.


The game is pretty simple, you, the traveler, just have to move left or right to be able to avoid the bullets dropped by airport security officials.

Written on the game’s description, “These greedy Administrators want to plant a bullet in your bag and if they succeed. You’ll end up paying $1000. Of course you would not let them do that! Now, you’d have to move the cursor from left to right as fast as you can to avoid the bullets that fall to your luggage.”

Here are some of users’ reviews:


With this kind of modus, one question comes in mind. Is it still more fun in the Philippines?