Remember when your parents especially your Mom used to tell you to take a nap every afternoon but you were too exuberant so you went and sneaked out of your room just to play outside? Or do you remember the time when your Mom used to make you a glass of milk before your bedtime? Do you remember the time when you were a kid and all the grown-ups are ever so eager to put you to bed and they said that sleeping makes you grow taller, fast? And now, you regret it because not just you are sleep-deprived as a fully grown person, but also, you didn’t become tall. “I should’ve listened to them” is all you are thinking now, now that you’re too conscious with your height.

Now, you spend your time browsing over the net on how to grow taller even if you’re way passed the stage wherein you’re supposed to increase in height. You have tried several height enhancers as well but nothing seemed to work. You even tried yoga and workout routines that will stretch your bones and make you grow taller even just for a few inches. You’ve been obsessing to get those legs for miles because you want to rock every runway just like those Victoria’s Secret Angels. You’ve been dreaming to achieve your target height because you want to join in your high school or college varsity to play b-ball, but apparently, high school and college basketball is not into midgets.

Height is might. Height matters. That’s what they often say. Height doesn’t have to matter but it does. Being tall has so many advantages not just physically. Tall people stand out from the crowd, they are just so noticeable. Tall people are somehow perceived as attractive, it is known for girls to go out with taller guys for reasons that bigger men gives protection or something like that. When you’re tall, you never have to ask other people’s help to reach for the high shelves. Most importantly, no one’s head will get in the way when you’re watching your favorite artist or boy band’s concert.

Perhaps, it feels like your friends have suddenly smashed into a growth spurt and you’re lagging behind, way behind! Maybe the rest of your family is tall and you’re the only petite one and you are wondering if you can do anything to catch up. The fact is that a person’s height is commonly determined by things out of their control –genes.

Good news, shorties! You may be way passed your puberty to tap those growth hormones’ full potential, but there’s another way to grow taller, and yes, it involves your growth hormones as well. Stand proud with Calcium X, a height enhancer tablet made in Japan that promotes healthy bones, cartilage, and joints. Japan is well-known for their strict standards in manufacturing products so it is of high quality ingredients and guaranteed effective, hence, Japan exports the product here in the country. If you are curious about Calcium X, you can check their website and find out about this product.

Did I mention that they’re available not just here in the Philippines, but also in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Vietnam and USA! Aren’t you excited, shorties?!