We’re all familiar with Argan Oil because who isn’t? It is just one of globally-in demand natural beauty oils that adds instant glow to our skin, and it won’t be a big hit if not for its versatile properties that are beneficial from head to toe. It can erase wrinkles and fine lines, it is also known to remove blemishes and skin disorders like eczema and psoriasis. It strengthens nails and gives the hair a natural shine while repairing damages.

And since we tropical girls and boys are most likely to suffer hair damage from sun exposure and hair treatments that makes our hair weaken strand by strand, we need hair products that will revive our hair from being dull, frizzy and lifeless.

Ladies and Gents, we have discovered a proudly local brand of hair care treatment line that’s infused with Argan Oil – Moe’s Professionals!


They are a Professional Hair Treatment Line with middle to first-class standard. Products by Moe’s Professionals provide an advanced hair care line and are entirely different from the consumer-line hair treatments available in the supermarkets.

Most of their product promises deep conditioning, nourishment and repair to bring back the natural gloss, vibrancy and life to your hair.

They have Argan Oil Moisture Repair Conditioner, Moisture Repair Shampoo, Purifying Shampoo, Moisture Repair Hair Spray, Moisture Repair Serum and Moisture Repair Hair Mask.

We let one of our staff, May, try some of their products to fix her hair woes that’s been victimized by perm maltreatment (that’s too bad, gurl) After 7 days of trying out Moisture Repair Shampoo, Conditioner, Serum and Hair Mask by Moe’s Professionals, though the hair isn’t entirely smoothened out yet, there’s a visible change from being buhaghag to a manageable hair.


Though May’s hair may look a tad bit frizzy due to the blunt-cut, it actually feels softer IRL and take note, no more tangles. And it def felt like salon-treated according to her, YAYYY FOR YOU, GURL! So, yup! Using Moe’s Professionals products can definitely tame your wild tresses and fix our dry and damaged hair especially now that the summer heat is so on.

Here’s what she can say about the products she tried:


You can check their Facebook Page to know more about them since their website is still underway.

Argan Oil Hair Care Products by Moe’s Professionals are available in Lazada.

A MUST-TRY! For a softer, more vibrant mane, try the newest Argan Oil Hair Care Products by Moe’s Professionals!www.lazada.com.ph/moe-s-professionals

Posted by Moe’s Professionals Hair Care on Wednesday, March 9, 2016