Dapper adj.

A person, typically a man, who looks incredibly stylish, neat, and sexy

There’s nothing sexier than a classy guy. Yes. I know. It’s not 1950s anymore and t-shirt and jeans are the staples of today’s men, but you have to remember that James Dean, Paul Newman and Steve McQueen will never go out of style. Meaning, yes you can rock those ever comfy and reliable tees and ripped jeans but can you strut the streets in a very classy suit?

Classy. Sexy. Those are the words that are commonly attached in dressing a tux. Dressing well expresses maturity, draws attention, and radiates self-confidence. Chances are, if a young man is well-dressed, he is easily spotted and respected. A young man who wears neat and well-fitted clothes with classic style will make people hold him, his ideas and his presence, in high regard.


  1. Personal Style

You have to hold on to your personal style. The hairstyle and outfit you see on that guy next to you maybe works spectacularly on him, but it doesn’t mean that it will also work for you.

  1. Ill-fitted clothing is a no-no!

Look for coats that have softer shoulders with slight lining for a comfy fit that feels like wearing a shirt rather than a coat. Make sure that it’s slim in the body, and hugs your shoulder.

The trousers should be slim and not skinny. It’s not 90’s anymore, so ditch those baggy slacks. Go for a slight break so that you can display a bit of your socks when sitting down or walking, that’s class! Very modern manly.

  1. Colors

Opt for neutral colors. For your first suit, go for something navy or gray and then expand from there. Khaki, burgundy, olive, and French blue are all possible choices. Black is never seemly for business or day time. Choose charcoal gray instead.

  1. Shoes

A pair of Oxfords should be a basic in every guy’s wardrobe. It never fails. You can also depend on loafers if you’re feeling a little boy-next-door.  Tan brogues or some suede oxfords and loafers will make you look more presentable too. Just make sure to clean them as well.


Lastly, don’t forget to wear whatever outfit you choose with confidence! It’s the most fundamental factor into pulling off even the most eccentric look. Even if you don’t feel totally confident when stepping out of your door, do as they all say: fake it until you make it.