I have no idea if we’re living in the golden age of technology because for me, technology is a never-ending phase fueled by people and their wild ideas and mad skills, thank God for people like them.

We have come so far, from telephones to pagers (shoutout to 90s babies out there!) and the beautiful and dramatic transition of mobile phones over time. We call them smartphone now for some reasons but mainly because they are so reliable they make us dumb in some ways.

We’re well aware that Apple and Samsung are the frontrunners in providing the best, versatile and sleek-looking phones right now. iPhone and Samsung Edge are the most in-demand and pricy mobile phones today, the people are literally counting the days of their release and they are going berserk when the phones are finally available in the market.

But what if these two phones have a baby? What would it look like? Good thing there are concept artists that can carry out their ideas visually for us to see. Mesut G. Designs is a team of Concept Designers and here is their idea of how “iPhone 7 Edge” would look like.


iPhone 7 Edge comes in 32GB, 64GB and 128GB on-board memory with 4GB RAM. It has 5.5 inches ultra high-definition display with an Apple A9 processor. The front camera is 8MP while the main camera is 20MP with a two-lens system DSLR quality with a 3300 to 3500 mAh battery. It has the iOS 9 features.

Take note of the virtual volume and home button, ain’t it sleek? And the Concept Phone also comes with an Iron Man Edge!

So what do you think of iPhone 7 Edge Concept Design? Will you give it a go?