If you’re on the hunt for a good Korean fried chicken you can visit Hoolala, a Korean Chicken House co-owned by TV hosts Paolo Bediones, Grace Lee, and talent manager Arnold Vegafria just along Escriva Drive in Ortigas, Pasig City. It is located behind UA&P and along Astoria Plaza Hotel.


The venue is spacious with a simple interior in white, beige and orange hues. The place has a friendly vibe in it with cute and colorful chicks and chicken murals spray-painted all over their walls. The atmosphere of the place is very casual and definitely not intimidating unlike other posh food hubs all over the area. There’s also a parking space available just in front of the resto. There are two TV screens that show Korean TV series and music videos that I’m sure every K-pop and K-drama fanatics will love. The service is fast and their crew is attentive.

Snow Chicken Cheese

The menu is pretty simple because mostly are fried chickens in different cooking styles and each comes in different sauces like Traditional Sweet Chili, Classic Soy, Chili Sili, Oh My Garlic and more! As you wait for your order, they serve complimentary pickled veggies to nimble on.

They have a big food serving so it’s all worth the price. A whole chicken is good for 5-6 persons. We started finishing off the Snow Chicken; it’s a fried chicken that has been shaken with powdered flavoring, ours is cheese! I’m sure kids will love it for its crispy, cheesy with a bit of sweetness in it.


Chicken Salad is perfect for the health conscious fellas out there.


Personally, I love Kimchi (or any pickled or fermented vegetables or fruits for that matter) so when we learned that they also have Kimchi Rice we immediately ordered some to try it out. The verdict? It was delightful! If you’re worried if it’s too spicy, don’t. It’s not. It’s very flavorful with a hint of spice and slight tanginess. If you’re thinking about paying a visit here, be prepared to order an extra rice or two.

Boneless Cheesy Melt

We also had Boneless Cheeesy Melt in Chili Sili sauce. The chicken is very crispy and tasty with a kick of spiciness of the sauce. It’s topped with molten mozzarella cheese and served hot and fresh off the oven. It was an explosion of flavor in an impeccable harmony!


Our favorite is Japche! It is a stir fried noodle in soy sauce with vegetables and tender beef. It was savory and sweet. It’s the best Japche we’ve ever tasted! (so far) So if you’re gonna bob up to Hoolala, we suggest that you try this.


Pa-Dak is at the top our must-try list! It’s an original chicken, served boneless, and topped with shredded spring onions. It was sweet and it tastes fresh because of the spring onions and I think that it’s perfect especially if partnered with an ice cold beer.

So to round things up, we can say that dining here is very pleasant. It’s a nice place to lunch out with your family and friends and it’s also a brilliant venue to hang out with your co-workers after office. The experience was superb and the prices are definitely worth the taste of their dishes ―very satisfying. So if ever you’re around Ortigas, we encourage you to try this new resto out!

Untitled-1Huwaw Team together with one of the owners, Grace Lee.

Hoolala Ortigas:

No. 7 Amber Square, Escriva Drive, Ortigas, Pasig City
(+632) 638 6465
11 am to 3 am daily