Hole in the Wall is not your ordinary “food court”. Located on the 4th floor of Century City Mall, it houses several interesting concept and artisanal food stalls that will definitely satisfy whatever food you’re craving for – Chinese, American, Vietnamese, Mexican, Korean, anything! The first word we have in mind as we enter the hall is ‘cool’ because this place is the first of its kind. We’re used to concept food hubs sprouting around town, but a food court of these interesting food stalls? It’s definitely new for us.


Wholly, the interior of the food hall is industrial to achieve a dingy, indie, and relaxed vibe. Being true to the impression of achieving a ‘warehouse look’, its inside is combined with utilitarian objects, exposed pipelines and ducts, stainless steel surfaces, wooden and metal fixtures, and vintage furniture. They have also installed few grass walls and it’s packed with tables and chairs of various designs that add up to the rawness of the place that perfectly complements the diversity of its member bistros.


Aside from the delicious food, Hole in the Wall’s interior is one of the main factors of the food hall’s charm.

(photo via @holeinthewallph)


Experience Vietnam with Phobobo. It’s Pho-king delicious!


Kwong’s Braised Ribs is nuts…literally!


The most liberating shawarma ever!


Posporo’s massive burrito will surely leave you asking for more. 


Bad Bird Umami Fried Chicken wins the heart (or stomach) of the majority. Expect long line on their stall, it’s definitely worth it.


Carbo-loaded meal from Mr. Delicious – potatoes, pastrami, corned beef, and a couple of poached eggs. Who would say no to that?


Green Cheese’s Cheese Cake looks really cute! That’s gonna be your reaction too after trying their Cheese Cake.

It is a nice place to hang out with a big bunch of foodies to try out the variation of the delicacies in there. Since the food hall is massive, it can accommodate a lot of people. You can dine-in with your family, or catch up with your friends; they also have an al fresco deck that’s perfect for a laidback conversation. There are waiters serving around that are attentive to pour on some water for you or help you in getting your food.


Attentive crews everywhere (photo via @holeinthewallph)

It’s certainly one gastronomical experience dining in a hipster food hall setting. Hole in the Wall is undeniably the start of a fresh approach on communal dining. Let’s hope that these kind of concept stores multiply quickly.


Huwaw Team (P.S. we’re trying really hard to hide our tummy bulges ‘cos food coma)

4th floor, Century City Mall,

Kalayaan Avenue,

Brgy. Poblacion, Makati City

IG: @holeinthewallph