Ever since Rodrigo Duterte took the seat for presidency, the war on drugs in the Philippines has been ruthless and unstoppable as ever. For the past months, the guy himself has been the center of media attention locally and internationally gaining supporters and haters here and there.

Just this week, we’ve watched senate hearings and heard different morbid stories from the vantage point of an assassin and took a peek in the luxurious life of the drug lord inmates in the bilibid and it’s like we’re watching a telenovela that will definitely quash all the top-rated primetime soap operas right now.

But to make things a bit lighter, we have found a short animated music video of the president that has been circling the net since the creators posted it last September 18. The short clip is called “El Presidente” and is created by Davao Nikkei Jin Anime Club in cooperation with Bisayaball Community.

Watch the video here:

The green monster in 0:57 looks familiar, don’t you think?