Glutathione injectable has been climbing its way to the top of the skin whitening hierarchy. IV glutathione and beauty drips have taken the spotlight as a new mean of achieving an instant glowing and fairer skin.

GSH Lumineux 3-in-1 is a total skin whitening breakthrough with an advanced glutathione formula from France that takes your skin care game up a notch. It’s not just a skin whitening regimen that is used by celebrities, it is also meant to clean their bodies and detoxify their livers.

Also, it is by far the best glutathione brand according to several African American who have tried the product. It does wonder to their complexion and definitely brought out a healthy glow in them.

Unlike taking oral glutathione, injectables raise glutathione levels in the blood right after its administration. It is easily absorbed by the body since it is injected right into the bloodstream giving you an instant glow and a lighter and smoother complexion. You can also notice its detoxifying effects like having a sound sleep and immunity strength. In taking glutathione pills, you only absorb 20% of the pill since the rest is broken down during digestion providing little impact in raising your glutathione level.

GSH Lumineux is more than just SKIN WHITENING…

As immune system booster, it keeps illness at bay and improves energy level of the body resulting to the improvement of body’s metabolism.

As an antioxidant, it controls the damaging effects of free radicals in our bodies, reduces stress in the liver and rids the body of toxins.

As an anti-aging, it stimulates collagen synthesis resulting to the disappearance of fine lines and wrinkles making your skin firmer, smoother and supple. It promotes healthier, stronger and shinier growth of hair and nails. It also prevents and heals acne and blemishes.


Why GSH Lumineux is your best choice?

Oral booster

Aside from glutathione and vitamin C shots, it also comes with oral booster that boosts glutathione levels in your body even in between treatments for faster and more visible result.

Single or double dose

GSH Lumineux comes in two doses – 600mg and 1200mg. To achieve maximum whitening results, take 1200mg of GSH Lumineux for a double dose of luminous fairness.


You’re rest assured that GSH Lumineux is 100% genuine glutathione brand that provides total skin whitening and detoxifying effects. For as early as 2 weeks, see its noticeably radiant effects.


GSH Lumineux comes in two doses — 600mg and 1200mg. Satisfied users are the proof of the authenticity and potency of the brand. The number of Lumineux Glutathione Injectable users keeps multiplying that’s why it became the fastest and best-selling glutathione injectable brand not just here in the Philippines but also in Asia.

So, If you’re looking for an effective and genuine glutathione injectable brand, you should try out GSH Lumineux from France. It has fast skin lightening formula to reveal the radiance you’ve always wished for!

GSH Lumineux will be available soon in Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Japan, USA, KSA, UAE, UK, Nigeria, Egypt and South Africa. To apply as a distributor, you can email: