One of my pet-peeves are thin overdrawn eyebrows. It adds age and makes you look rude. It’s 2015 and you’re still rocking that Chola-inspired eyebrows… Time to get rid of it, girl!


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Now it’s time to rock your natural eyebrows! The new trend is to look youthful and natural and trust me, thin eyebrows is not a good look. Overdrawn eyebrows using pencils is also not the way to go, growing it out naturally is a much better option. It takes time until you can finally look like Cara Delevigne or Brooke Shields and it also needs a little effort to grow it out beautifully.


The first step is to completely STOP touching it! STOP! Stop tweezing, waxing or threading.



WAIT. Yes, it will go through an awkward phase but you can apply eyebrow pencil or powder to fill your eyebrows. You can also use all natural eyebrow serums like Magic iBrow  for faster growth. Keep combing it with eyebrow brushes for it to grow in the right direction.

After a month, you can finally groom it (tweeze, wax or thread). You can ask help from professionals or you can do it yourself just make sure to follow your thick natural eyebrow shape. Use different products to improve the shape of your eyebrows. Follow the guide below on how to draw the perfect eyebrow arch.


 Illustration by Candace Napier

Always take care of your eyebrows because it can help shape your face and it can really affect your appearance.





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