August 16, 2017 18:16 PST

Shantay you stay, sashay away — iconic phrases popularized by Ru Paul in his hit TV show Ru Paul’s Drag Race — a show that catapulted drag culture into the mainstream.  Although its undeniable how Ru Paul’s Drag Race helped queens around the world be more appreciated by people outside the LGBT community, the Filipino drag scene was already slaying even before the race started.

Drag queens are the most underrated entertainers of our generation and it is so much more than playing dress-up and men in wigs. Aside from having great sense of style, amazing make-up skills and intense lip-syncing abilities, creativity is the most vital requirement for being a flawless queen.

There are two famous drag spots in manila you can visit to experience the colorful drag scene in our country.


Equipped with heavy eyelashes, contoured faces, sickening costumes and immense talent, the O-Divas will blow you away with their performances.

Some famous Rupaul’s Drag Race Alumni already performed at Obar including our very own Manila Luzon and Adore Delano.

The place is located at Home Depot Ortigas Center. With an entrance fee of P500 inclusive of 3 free drinks, prepare to laugh, be entertained, enjoy and gag when you visit Obar.

Although it is commonly occupied by the LGBT community, straight men and women also visit the place to experience and see the fabulous performances of the O-Divas and to pop their drag cherries.

Nectar Nightclub

Nectar Nightclub, The Fort Strip BGC

This club is fairly new and slightly more upscale compared to Obar. Nectar offers a younger crowd and over the top queens! Aside from their in-house queens, some of their regular customers go here in full drag regalia. Nectar kinda gives off an underground vibe. It is a place where you don’t know what to expect but a bunch of fresh, alive and artsy crowd.

The place can get too crowded because of the tight space but it’s perfect for partying, meeting new people and getting close to the queens.

Famous Drag Race Queens also visited Nectar like Alaska Thunderfuck and Detox.

They also have Poison Wednesdays: Drag Cartel where guests can perform, go crazy and lipsync on stage. What a perfect way to walwal on a work week hump day.

They also have gender neutral bathrooms because bigotry and discrimination is not welcome inside the area. LOL.

Nectar is like gay nightlife on steroids and where the crowd is the show. So be ready to party, get crazy, lipsync with the gays and party all night long when you visit Nectar.

Drag queens embody both diversity and beauty, qualities worthy of celebrating even by conservative Filipinos. It’s time to support our local drag scene and experience a unique kind of entertainment that only they can do.

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