Here are 5 odd shoes you might want to try out. Is it a yay or nay?

Several shoe designers came up with ideas and designs not just to make a perfectly beautiful pair of shoes but also for our feet’s protection and most importantly, comfort. Like a pair of sneakers that you’ll just wrap around your feet to put on, or boots that you can turn into sneakers in just one zip?

Would you wear these shoes?

Puma Speed Kitty

Isn’t she slick? The Puma Speed Kitty is just a shoe concept (sadly) and it is designed by Adam Nagy. Puma Speed Kitty is a concept based upon the idea of combining the structure of a platform bootie with the feel of a Puma racing shoe. These boots got Tron vibes in them, right? Very futuristic and clean-looking that is perfect for kick-ass women. Boots for kicking booties, very Bad Blood eh?

Nike Arc Angel

What if sneaker company bigwigs tap the world of ballet or jazz? This could be a very lovely kicks for all sporty black swans out there. Nike Arc Angel is designed by Guercy Eugene. It has a minimalist design and ensures that dancer’s toes will have the most support and comfort, reducing the impact for dancers as they go forth with their training.

Lasso Flat-Packed Slippers

Made from a single piece of biodegradable wool felt, “Lasso” by Gaspard Tiné-Berés are warm, comfortable slippers that are stitched together with standard colored laces. It’s like the less attractive cousin of Espadrilles. You can check them out here.

Vibram Furoshiki Shoes

Furoshiki means”wrapping” in Japanese culture and Vibram just came with a wrap-around footwear. It’s like a scarf but for your feet. Furoshiki is flexible and is perfect for outdoor adventures or cozying at home and will remain an extremely comfortably accessories. For more info about Furoshiki, you can check their website here.

Nike LunarElite Sky Hi SneakerBoot

Is it a sneaker kind of day or a boot kind of day? Why not wear both?! Sports brand Nike has combined elements from its previous running and basketball footwear designs to create a “SneakerBoot” with a pleated sole and a neoprene cover. The Nike LunarElite Sky Hi SneakerBoot features the company’s waffle sole, first created when Nike co-founder Bill Bowerman poured a rubber compound onto his wife’s waffle iron, which formed a traction pattern when it cooled.

The Nike LunarElite Sky Hi SneakerBoot is available at select Nike Sportswear retailers and online. (source)