We have found this hole in the wall place along San Agustin Street in Salcedo Village. It is a little Vietnamese coffee shop called DiCoFi, meaning, to-go coffee. Honestly, we had a slight trouble finding the place because we thought it was along Valero Street (lol!). It is located in the ground floor of the Valero Plaza, just beside Sultan Mediterranean Grill and across Felipe & Sons Barbedashery.


DiCoFi just opened last month (March 2015)

The place is small and simple with a rustic and charming vibe in it. We were greeted by a crew that immediately led us to our table and handed us the menu. It felt like we were hanging out in an old-school Asian diner. The café is very laid-back and unpretentious. Though they doesn’t have their own comfort room in the main restaurant, you have to come inside the Valero Plaza to refresh or use their toilet.


Grilled Pork Chop


Roasted Chicken Leg with Fish Sauce

The food presentation is as simple as the coffee shop itself. They have a couple of Rice Meal on their menu. First is, Grilled Pork Chop, it comes with Fried Egg and Fish Sauce. It was savory with a slight sweetness in it just like Filipino’s very own Tocino. It has a couple of slice of cucumber and tomatoes, very breakfast-y indeed!  However, their Chicken Leg with Fish Sauce tasted like spring fried chicken but the sauce was really good. The chicken’s nice but nothing special.

viber image3

 Bánh mì

We also had Bánh mì, it is a sandwich in a Vietnamese baguette. It’s their best-seller! It has fried egg, ham, pork floss, cucumber, pâté and hot sauce in it. It is very scrumptious and heavy in the tummy and the crust of the baguette is very crispy. It was hot when they served it in our table and I requested the crew to slice the sandwich in three portions since it’s a little too big to bite into.

viber image

Vietnamese Pizza

The star of the night is their Vietnamese Pizza. And nope it’s not the kind of pizza we’re all used to. Their pizza crust is very thin, like paper-thin. It is topped with Ground Pork, Chicken, Butter, Egg, Shrimp and Pork Floss. It was a mix of different flavors and textures –the soft fibers of the floss and the meaty flavor of the pork and chicken, the pungent little shrimp together with the crispy thin crust. It was amazing! Definitely a must-try!


Vietnamese Iced Coffee (photo by instagram user @marcalida)

Since Vietnamese coffee is well-known worldwide, not to mention we are a caffeine-fuelled bunch, we’re looking forward to the coffee they’re offering. We’ve tried their Vietnamese Iced Coffee. It’s a simple cup of coffee, nice and very, very, very strong, the kind of coffee that is made for sleepless college students and is also perfectly fit for the restless working men and women who are always on-the-go. It’s a cup full of energy that will keep you up the whole day. It is the kind of coffee you got to have every morning –rich and strong! They also offer different fruit shakes ranging from the usual Apple, Banana, and Mango to Melon, Pear and Avocado. They also have Guyabano Fruit Shake!


Huwaw Team with DiCoFi owner, Ms. Thuong.

The dining experience here is very nice. The owner is a petite, young Vietnamese lady who greets every customer with her smiling face.

If you’re into laid-back hang out venues, DiCoFi is the perfect go-to place for you! It’s also a quaint and chill space for a coffee date. A very affordable yet nice coffee shop in the heart of the business district.

This is their menu list:


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 San Agustin, Salcedo Village, Makati City

(back of Valero Plaza)

They are open on Mondays to Saturdays

From 8am ‘til 10pm

Price ranges from P85.00 – P170.00