Healthy is the new sexy!

For the past years, the rise of eating clean has skyrocketed. No doubt this sudden upswing has kicked off ever so swiftly –and hard– because the “healthy-living trend” is championed by famous personalities of today’s generation. It’s a good kind of trend though, like what your yoga instructor keeps on telling you, your body is your temple.

Healthy food delivery shops have been popping out like mushrooms here and there and detox is the new favorite word of every fitness guru and dietician. So what’s really special about cleansing? Apparently, there’s something big going on in this “juicing” thing and it’s passing through beyond the middle-of-the-road. So we’re here to find it all out.


Detoxify Bar has been one of the well-known food and juicery chain in the country serving only pure and organic vegetable juices and variety of healthy meals. Their growing list of enthusiasts includes, Aubrey Miles, Troy Montero, Diana Zubiri, Denise Laurel, and Judy Ann Santos. Yup! Detoxify Bar has been painting the town green leaving streams of hottest celebrities wanting for more.

Last March 14, 2015, the latest branch of Detoxify Bar opened at Edsa Shangri-La Plaza, located in the 5th floor, main wing. We have tried some of their meals and refreshing drinks. Their fruit and vegetable juices are made and pressed right in front of the customers so it is guaranteed fresh!


Detoxify Bar offers Green Vegan Detox, which is equivalent to the nutritional value of a week of vegetable consumption. Red Vegan Detox, which is intended for athletes and those with an active lifestyle or for anyone who needs an extra boost in stamina and vigor. Minty Berry Detox, which helps remove and rewind all the harsh effects of stress and environment. Lemon Detox which cleanses the body while naturally boosting the immune system. Gold Detox improves your body’s first line of defense against everyday stress and pollutants. Orange Vegan Detox which battles fatigue and replenish depleted micronutrients where it is most essential, the cellular level. But if you want a personalized mix of juice, you can create your own juice with My Mashup Detox! How cool is that?


We have tried several hearty dishes and sure they are very delicious, yes, contrary to popular belief, healthy foods do taste good, and they don’t necessarily have to be boring. Like Detoxify Bar’s High Protein Salad. The greens taste fresh and it’s crispy and the dressing is tasty but light, it is so nice that we ordered two! My personal favorite is Salmon with Asparagus; it is definitely a must-try. They’ve got a whole lot of list of exciting dishes that you’ll absolutely love.

Truly, healthy living and eating clean is in! So hop into the healthy bandwagon and grasp that this isn’t just another fad or a phase –it’s a lifestyle.


The Huwaw Team at Detoxify Bar Edsa Shangri-La

Detoxify Bar

5/F Main Wing, Edsa Shangri-La Plaza, Mandaluyong City
2/F Techno Plaza 2 (back of Eastwood Mall), Eastwood, Quezon City
G/F Bldg. 3, Tuscany Private Estates, Upper McKinley Rd., McKinley Hill, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City
Westgate Center Alabang

Store Hotline

 +63(2) 942 7105 (Eastwood)
+ 63(2) 555 1047 (Tuscany)
+ 63(2) 696 0485   (Shangri-La)