Philippines is not called the Pearl of the Orient for nothing. Philippines houses the best shores in the world. Palawan is one of them, it has the most alluring islands in the world, that is not just picturesque but also perfect for both adventure travelers and just the ol’ I’m-just-gonna-admire-the-view kind of travelers –foreign or local. Coron is known to have marvelous snorkeling and diving sites and we are lucky enough to experience Coron where our annual Team Building was held.

Coron Westown Resort

Coron Westown Resort has been our home for 3 days and 2 nights stay there. The resort is just 25 minutes from the airport by shuttle van and just 5 minutes from downtown Coron.



It has 3 massive pools with, kiddie pool included so we’re pretty sure kids will love the stay there. It has also a cafe, bar, gym, and a spa.


Mt. Tapyas Trek

After a quick running tour around town, our first major stop is Mt. Tapyas. It’s a 750-step of instant cardio and glutes workout for all of us. The view is all worth it though it was a tad bit dangerous since it was slippery. It was raining when we climbed. I think the view will be extra lovely if it wasn’t gloomy.


When you reach the top, there is a massive cross and a wide view deck to admire the view it was literally breathtaking, you gotta catch your breath. There is also a huge CORON signage a la Hollywood along the steep cliff.

“We made it to the top!” The team at Mt. Tapyas view deck

Maquinit Hot Spring

After the exhausting trek to Mt. Tapyas and the slightly cold monsoon, it is just right to visit Maquinit Hot Spring. The hot water is just perfect for the sore calves and hamstrings. So we went for a dip which was really relaxing.


Siete Pecados

Siete Pecados is the first leg of our island hopping tour. It was a bright morning and we took the most out of it by basking in the sun, swimming around and of course, taking photos here and there. We were just warming up for a whole day of adventure!


Kayangan Lake

It took 300-step trail to get to Kayangan Lake and it was so worth all the mosquito bites and probably additional sore muscles in our body. The sun was out and the color of the water was at its loveliest, it ranges from green to blue and it was vibrant and sparkling. The place is just so incredible. It’s also a nice background for a profile picture update.



Coral Garden

Pictures are not enough to describe how amazing and electrifying this place is. We’ve seen many schools of fish swimming around, including Nemo! And Dory! But we didn’t capture a proper photo of the fish and sea urchins since we got too excited, they’re all blurred.


CYC Beach

According to our annoyingly funny tour guide, CYC beach is the only public island there. Few mangroves are aligned along the shore and the place is just so inviting that after the boat docked, we immediately dove in. We went kayaking and snorkeling.


Twin Lagoon

The boat turned into a stop just by a small hut situated between a rocky island then, the group swam into the entrance of the lagoon. We have two choices there, it’s either we climb up and down in a very fragile-looking wooden ladder or float through a tiny opening under the huge rock formation — we did both, it was hella FUN!




To cap off the Team Building/Weekend Getaway, we organized mini-games to have fun and probably to test our creativity, critical thinking and friendship (lol!) Everybody got their game face on and it was a whole lot of fun since they are all so competitive.