Have You Watched Pres. Duterte’s Anime Video Yet?

Ever since Rodrigo Duterte took the seat for presidency, the war on drugs in the Philippines has been ruthless and unstoppable as ever. For the past months, the guy himself has been the center of media attention locally and internationally gaining supporters and haters here and there. Just this week, we’ve watched senate hearings and heard Continue Reading

5 Emotional Stages of Every UV Express Commuters

Traffic jam is no one’s cup of tea and as commuters, we’re used to daily EDSA traffic. That’s an understatement. But when LTFRB decided to ban off UV Express Services from traversing along EDSA, that puts the commuters to a whole new level of dismay, stress frustration and tardiness. So here are every UV Express commuters’ emotional Continue Reading

Gentlemen’s Hair Products: Pomade vs. Gel vs. Wax

Men, like women, put a great deal of effort when it comes to our hair. Yes, we can shower, brush our teeth and get dressed in under 15 minutes, but when it comes to styling our hair? That’s a different story, fam. We too are picky about the hair styling products, gels, clay, wax, sticks, I’ve tried them all! But pomade? Continue Reading