Taylor Swift was spotted with new love interest, British actor Tom Hiddleston. The two were spotted canoodling on the rocks along the beach in Westerly, RI. In between kissing the two posed for many selfies. Hiddleston, almost 10 years older than Swift, wrapped her in his jacket. The couple walked off the beach holding hands. Photo Location: Westerly RI--Public Beach Captured 9/13/16 sales@theimagedirect.com Please byline:TheImageDirect.com *EXCLUSIVE PLEASE EMAIL sales@theimagedirect.com FOR FEES BEFORE USE

Just not so long ago (we mean like 2 weeks ago) when Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris broke up.

Now it looks like TSwizzle got another notch on her belt, she was seen making out with another brit hunk, Tom Hiddleston.

The pictures were taken during in what they think a secret rendezvous near the pop superstar’s home in Rhode Island.

Well, sitting by the beach with lotsa snogging and hugging and having no care in the world, isn’t that the stuff from romantic movies?!

According to The Sun, Tom was also seen taking off his jacket and putting it on to Taylor’s shoulder, that’s classic.

Chivalry is not dead, people!

Just weeks ago Tom crushed our hearts when he denied the rumors that he’ll be the next James Bond, and now, he’s crushing our hearts all over again…

Just a month ago at the Met Gala, the two were spotted dancing to Beyonce’s “Crazy In Love” and TI’s “Bring Em Out”

Funny how just a month ago, they were the most unlikely duo but now…

Really cozy, Hiddleswift, really cozy.

How to be u po, Ateng Taylor?

However, the Swifties thought something is definitely up when Calvin Harris unfollowed Taylor Swift on Twitter last wednesday. And he also tweeted and eventually deleted this:

Uh oh, gurl. Something’s about to go down.

Better get your popcorns.