A coming-of-age tale of fan fiction, family and first love.

For the first few chapters, I thought that this is a really boring book with a really boring heroine. But the thing is, I kept going because I’m too curious about what will happen to the characters and it became a little more interesting as I flip through the pages. It’s like watching a teeny-bopper, American movie.

Cath is a writer. She’s a college freshman who’s having a hard time adjusting and fitting in to the college life. The goodie-two-shoes twin who doesn’t know how to have fun and is basically in love with routines. I think she doesn’t take changes pretty well. Getting lost in a book you’re reading, and creating a whole new world with your favorite fictional characters in it, is way more enticing for me than to have  a drink or two and most probably stumble upon the gutter on your way home.


Cath is an embodiment of social awkwardness. She is a loving and responsible daughter and sister. She is an ultimate Simon Snow fan and since Cath is good with words, she made fan fictions about the magical world of Simon Snow. An awful lot.

As I fumble along the pages of this book, it gets really interesting because I can see a part of me in Cath. It is very relatable especially to teenage girls who experience changes in their lives as they grow up. Realizing the importance of family. Meeting, trusting and getting along with new friends and the feel and comfort of first real love.


Cath Avery – The shy and introverted heroine. With her glasses on, she is the Clark Kent version of her twin, Wren. She’s a massive fangirl of Simon Snow books. Cath is the kind of girl who prefers to stay in and write fan fictions rather than go out and party. She is one of the best writer in her Fiction Writing Class.

Wren Avery – Cath’s extroverted twin sister. Wren is also an avid fan of the Simon Snow books like her sister. She is the less responsible of the two and cares more about fitting in and being a party girl than working hard and taking care of herself.

Levi – Cath’s friend and eventually, boyfriend. He is a smart and polite and he seems a cool and polite guy who knows and loves talking to people. Although smart, he struggles with reading because the written words to not resonate with him like sounds do. 

Reagan – Cath’s roommate and eventually, friend. She is described as an edgier, goth-ish version of Adele. She is sarcastic, skeptical, and often despicable to Cath, but this is shown to be her way of caring. 

Arthur Avery – Cath and Wren’s dad. He is a good and responsible father to Cath and Wren since he’s a single dad. He seems eccentric; he works in an ad agency, and oftentimes comes up with crazy ideas. He suffered from anxiety while the girls are in college.


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