This was my incentive trip with my colleagues, an all-expense paid travel by my company. This is the time of the year where we can relax, bond and enjoy each other’s company, setting work aside.


I really enjoy going to places, admiring the scenery, experiencing new culture and definitely loving their famous dishes. And this is what I looked forward to in this travel—the food trip.

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I’m a fan of Vietnamese dishes. Though only a few restaurants offer this kind in the Philippines, I love the different taste, mix of ingredients and yet very healthy.

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The food in Hanoi was the most I enjoyed. I was so delighted with the different dishes, from the appetizers, main course and the deserts / fresh fruits and how it was presented.


We also tried the famous and delicious egg coffee at Giang Cafe, wherein you can’t taste a bit of the egg yolk but only the sweetness, mixed with the boldness of the coffee seated on a stool at the side of the street.


Of course our trip won’t be as comfortable if it weren’t for the warm welcome and accommodation of the kind, friendly and courteous greetings of their attendants at the Silk Queen Grand Hotel situated in the central district of Hanoi.

Photo via Silk Queen Grand Hotel

You won’t complain about their wi-fi, the rooms were convenient and pleasant though you can only experience hot water most of the time in their bathroom.



We also had our day tour to some of their well-known temples and a short trip to Ninh Binh admiring the beautiful landscapes, the Trang-An cave, massive rocky mountains and adorable, paddling, all-white ducks crossing the stream.


Our trip wouldn’t be complete without our shopping experience at night after our day tour. Weekends in Hanoi along side celebration of their Independence day made our wandering, exciting but exhausting.



We stroll around the river park where most locals vending, lots of people gathered on the side even on the center, where main roads were closed, doing whatever they love to do.


We walked towards the side streets where you can find dozens of street foods and Vietnamese cuisine, though we weren’t able to experience it due to limited time, with so many locals and foreigners as well.


After passing through the food street, you can find the souvenir shops and branded items factory outlets where we bought our pasalubong for a very discounted price but really good quality.


Simple yet contemporary living is how I describe it. I will definitely come back for the things I’ve missed.

Abundance to my work family for the awesome and joyful experience!

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