In a Pinoy household, we always have that relative who’s living or working overseas. If you have none, maybe your parents are! OR maybe, you are that relative.

OFWs are our modern-day heroes for obvious reasons. They can endure the sadness and homesickness, not to mention the exhaustion in juggling two, three or more jobs at the same time. Good thing we’re Pinoys and being madiskarte is the perfect adjective for our race because sometimes, having a regular 9-to-5 job isn’t enough to secure savings, you have to have a raket to make both ends meet.

We think that Filipino immigrants and OFWs are living the “life” for staying overseas but not all those glitters are gold, ‘ika nga. There’s more to it than what we see in their touristy photos posted in their facebook. We don’t know what they have to go through every single day just to earn and save money not just for them but also for their lovedones back home.

But hey! Here’s an idea, why don’t you try your luck in direct selling? Being a reseller or a distributor might be the key for you to earn some extra moolah!


Good news people! Magic Potions, a Manila-based online store that is specializing in skin care, skin whitening, anti-aging and weight loss is looking for resellers here in the Philippines and abroad! Since glutathione and collagen are the ‘wonder’ supplements that doesn’t just make you youthful and glowing, they also shield you from sicknesses and detoxify your liver.

Think about doing your day job while running your sideline online –or offline which is totally up to you because you are your own boss here! And it’s a brilliant idea selling beauty and wellness products because who doesn’t want to look so damn good and fit these days, right?

Magic Potions is currently shipping locally and internationally. They are in full swing abroad especially in Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Japan, USA, Saudi Arabia, UAE, UK, Nigeria, Egypt and South Africa!

Magic Potions is OFW’s online beauty and wellness product source and they are looking for more distributors abroad to reach a larger a wider scale of market and also to help our fellow countrymen make a living.

Friends help friends, so if you happen know someone who might be interested in being a reseller you can tell them this. To inquire and apply as a distributor, you can email Magic Potions at distribution@magic-potions.com