What You Should Put In Your Emergency Kit

Yesterday, July 30, 2015 MMDA led the Metrowide Shakedrill around 10:30am til 11:30am. This was held to prepare the public for what they call “The Big One”, an approximately 7.2 magnitude earthquake that is predicted to hit the metro due to the movement of the West Valley Fault.

Of course nobody wants it to happen, but just in case, we have to be alert and well-prepared.

We don’t mean to sound apocalyptic here but, here’s a list of must-haves to your survival kit. Always remember, “Daig ng handa ang hindi!”


waterWe can survive 5 days without food intake as long as we have water intake. So prepare clean water for drinking. According to CNN Philippines, the requirement for water is at least one gallon per person, per day. So half of which will be used for drinking and half of which will be for sanitation.

If there’s no water purification purifier, he suggested using household bleach as an emergency disinfectant for drinking water. Four drops of bleach could be added per liter of water. The disinfected water would be safe for drinking after 30 minutes, which is enough time to kill microorganisms.foodFor a household, store only non-perishable food, easy to open packs and cans, and food that have long shelf life. The consumables should last for 5 to 7 days. Crackers, dried fruit, canned goods, and granola bars are highly suggested.

Crackers and sweets are an immediate source of energy. And don’t forget disposable plates and utensils!flashlightSelf-powered flashlights are suggested.

Prep your flashlights in case the power is out, which is most likely. You can also pack your candles and match. And in case you’ll be trapped somewhere dark, it can also be a good signal booster to the rescuers.batteriesIn case the powers are out for days, pack in extra batteries for your flashlights, radios and cellphones. To be able to send and receive information and news.

extra clothingAdd in extra clothing, underwear, and blankets and your hygiene kit, this should include:

Sanitary pads
Hand soap
Alcoholfist aidIt’s important to be ready. Prepare a first aid kit on hand in case of any accident, major or not. According to Philippine Red Cross, these should be included in your kit:

1 Adhesive Strips (Pk50)
1 Hypo – Allergenic medical tape 1.25cm x 9.1m
1 Conforming Bandage 5cm
1 Triangular Bandage 110cm x 110cm
1 Wound Dressing No. 15
2 Swabs Antiseptic
1 Tweezers metal 8cm
1 Scissors disposable
1 Safety pins – assorted (pk12)
1 Plastic Bags – resealable – 100 X 180 mm
1 Plastic Bags – resealable – 150 x 230 mm
2 Gloves – disposable
1 First Aid Quick Reference Guide

In case you have any meds for scratches, ointments for headaches, stomachache, nausea, allergies or any medicine maintenance, include it. whistleHaving a whistle per person is highly suggested since we can’t control anything during disaster. Might as well prepare  for the worst case scenario like being trapped, like flashlight, whistle is one of the best signal booster to get any help. It can save your life.

emergency tools

Multi-purpose Knife
Old/Used tarpaulin for floor mats and cover
Candles and matches/lighter
Plastic garbage bag to waterproof any stuff
Ziplock to secure any gadgetsdocsStore important documents like Birth Certificate, Diplomas, Land Titles, etc. Place it in a ziplock to make it waterproof.

And include a list of emergency contact numbers to call. You can also make laminated IDs for family members who have special concerns. Indicate name, address, phone, who to call in case of emergency, contact details, the condition of the bearer and special instructions on what to do in case seen unconscious (e.g. diabetic). For children who cannot speak, they must also wear the ID card (in case they are reported missing, anyone who will find them will be able to contact their parents)

We cannot predict when and how much intensity it brings. It is better to be well-prepared and knowledgeable in times of disaster. Maybe at least through this, we can ease any further damage.

And please don’t forget to pray.

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