What is Teatox and Why Do Celebrities Go Gaga Over It?


Most of us, Pinoys, are known to be coffee-lovers. We can down mugs and mugs of coffee in a day. The smell of roasted coffee beans will just make us go hmmmm. But we also love a nice cuppa tea some other days.

Tea is like a hug in a cup. It’s one of life’s little pleasures.

Tea is known for their calming effect. Different herbs, spices and fruits are infused to extract the medicinal properties of each plant which we consume as we drink. Just like we drink ginger tea or salabat to relieve sore throat and black tea which helps in digestion, and for sure every teens love a sweet milk tea, yes?

While some are hyped with juicing – which costs a lot. Some are contented with teatox. So what is teatox and why do celebs go crazy about this teatoxing thing?

Tea detox or teatox is consuming cups of caffeine-free tea to detoxify or clean our body system. It is also known to aid in weight loss while increasing our body’s metabolism and energy levels.

Users are encouraged to take a cup every morning and a cup before going to bed.


Kardashian sisters Khloe, Kourtney, Kendall and Kylie give teatox cleanse a go which they’re happy and proud about, just look at their IG posts, and yes their figure speaks for it. Even fitness advocate and social media star, Jen Selter, love her cuppa. Let’s also add 1D’s Louis Tomlinson in the list of high-profile peeps that follow a teatox plan.

Good thing Leptin Weight Loss Tea has come to our shores! Leptin Teatox has two kinds of plan – 14-day and 28-day program.


It also comes in two types…for morning and for night

121114-B-Real-Nicki-Minaj-MateFit-Anaconda-Video3Users have sworn that after drinking tea for two weeks to a month, noticed that their bellies looked smaller and they don’t feel bloated anymore. Most of them noticed that their moods are improved and their skin started to clear up – losing weight while getting a flawless? That’s hitting two birds with a stone!


Teatoxifying is definitely the best thing you can do especially these holidays because – FOOD COMA! Ugh! We know you cannot resist that shiny and crispy lechon skin that seduces you from the Christmas table, not to mention fruit cakes and your Tita’s leche flan. Trust us, we know the feeling.

You can get Leptin Teatox from Magic Potions. They have branches in St. Francis Square, St. Thomas Square, Starmall Alabang, and Makati. Or you can order online thru their website or their text hotline: +63917 888 2999 and yes y’all COD-lovin’ shoppers, they’re in Lazada too! YAY!!

So better start your teatox cleanse now for a natural weight loss and guilt-free holidays!

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