Sa Pula O Sa Dilaw: Philippine Political Powerhouse

It’s exactly 128 days ’til Christmas yet what I can clearly feel and see, and hear is the election season which will happen next year. On the radio and TV, it’s their faces I see, taglines and jingles I hear. Some are pretty funny and some are just infuriating.

Some ads, which were paid by their friends are placed in a primetime slot, cost hundreds of thousands for just a 30-seconder TV commercial. And since it’s just a pre-election warm-up game, those 15 to 30-sec TVCs are just a plain reminder of their name – hundreds of thousands worth of reminder. Well, it seems that Santa Claus gave his pamasko to these politicians way early, don’t you think?

But the most famous rivalry of power in Philippine Politics is none other than the Aquinos and the Marcoses. They were as striking as their political colors that up until now, it’s still a hot issue. It’s a never-ending telltale of who’s who. Imelda the imeldific. Marcos the dictator. Ninoy the brave. Cory the serene wife who set the course of Philippine political history in a different direction.


As for me, it will be my first time to vote on a presidential election. A twentysomething citizen like me, who was not yet born during the blood-pumping patriotic era of EDSA Uno, doesn’t know what the real deal between them is. We’re just armed with what we have learned in the books of our Social Studies, the point of views of our parents, and the documentaries we’ve watched on TV.

Was Ninoy the real hero or are the Filipino citizens are just over-romanticizing his gallantry? Was Marcos the real monster history books made him to be?

There are several infographics circulating around the social media for years now about their achievements:


What I’ve learned from these pieces of information is that, if these are true or not, we have to keep in mind that change for betterment lies in our hands. It sounds stupid and cheesy but it is the truth. It won’t hurt to know more, to learn more or to ask for more. Because more is what we deserve right from the start, yes?

We have to keep in mind that we, the Filipino citizens, have the power. Not the politicians. It’s a choice between who can shut our growling stomachs up in a short span of time or who can bring us comfort as an individual and as a nation for years to come.

It is a government of the people, by the people, and for the people after all.

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