Let’s Have a Look at the Election 2016’s ‘Nuisance’ Candidates



It’s the 5th day of filing of certificates of candidacy and all eyes are on COMELEC’s headquarters this week, what’s more surprising aside from the amount of people who wants to be the next Philippine President is the candidates themselves. Let’s take a look of who they call “nuisance” candidates and their plataporma.

Robert John “Archangel Lucifer” Ygonia

A 51-year old volunteer missionary from Itogon, Benguet. According to him, he was chosen by Jesus Christ to lead the country. And he also looks like a Dothraki, Khal Drogo approves!

Allan “Intergalactic Space Ambassador” Carreon

Platform: Nationwide Wi-Fi. Enticing, yes?

“The aliens have given me the will to run for president,” Carreon said. He also said that he’s seeking counsel from aliens. Yup.

Arturo “4 seasons” Pacheco Reyes

Platform: To legalize 4 seasons. #WinterIsComing guys!

He also wants the Philippines to be USA’s 51st state and wants US bases back here. He also proposed free burials for all.

Jean-Pierre Pardo

Platform: Home improvement. I can hear Pinoy Mommies approve!

She’s a 39-year old fashion designer from UST. She refused to answer media’s queries.

Sel Hope Kang

Platform: Dalisay na daan

37-year old, an Economics graduate from UP. Her slogan is Dalisay na daan.

Alfredo Tindugan

Platform: Divine government Alfredo Tindugan is a 75-year old farmer running for President under Divine Government Party and his runningmate is Angelito Baguya who’s a security guard.


Jose Larry “The Nazi” Maquinana


Wearing a swastika patched on his shirt, he said that he’s the Hitler of this generation and he is the “sugo” and told the media that it’s the “Katuparan ng nasusulat sa Bible.”

Alejandro Ignacio

Lolo Ignacio is a 76-year old taxi driver. He aims to help the filipino citizens from poverty. He even recited a poem after his introduction and stating his intentions.


Michael Argueza


I don’t know about you but Lola Nidora doesn’t like that answer.

David Alimorong

He is a retired military general. So, Bayan o sarili?

These presidentiables may be the butt of the joke but let’s admire them for aspiring to be the next head of the state just to experience the change legit politicians always promise to us.

These nuisance candidates may seem funny but election is a critical matter. Your vote matters. Have you already registered for the Election 2016? Oct. 30, 2015 is the deadline of registration. Voters without biometric requirements are not allowed to vote, to verify if your registration record has biometrics data, you may use the Precinct Finder in COMELEC’s website. Remember: No bio, no boto.

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