Is Glutax Fake?

For the past decade, glutathione supplements have skyrocketed to the Philippine Market creating demand and supply here and there. This antioxidant is better known for its side effect which is skin whitening rather than its antioxidant benefits. It’s such a big hit here in the country.

Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant that protects us from the damages caused by free radicals. It boosts our immunity and keeps us healthy. It doesn’t just lighten our skin, it also makes it look youthful and radiant. That’s why many people have taken their glutathione intake to the next level, from pills, lotions and creams, to injectables.


Glutathione injectables and Glutathione IV drips are the trend today, for the IV route is the fastest way for your body to absorb glutathione making you look glowing in an instant.

Glutax is one of the well-known brands of glutathione injection and they come in different doses. Glutax Kits are available in various dosages such as, Glutax 3G, 3GS Advanced Cellular Whitening, 5GS Cellular Ultra Whitening, 15G Nano Revitalise-SD, 20G Supreme, 30G Infinity, 50G Nano Titanium, 100GS Inferno, 200GS Diamond Bright, Glutax 300G Gold Velocity, 500GS White Reverse up to Glutax 1000G-X Micro Pro SK8! With those dosages, it’s easy why Glutax is a big hit. Avid gluta takers said that the higher the dosage, the faster the result, which is actually true according to medical experts.

But it’s been known to the community of doctors that the brand Glutax has no geniune nor fake version since the brand’s claims based on the ingredients and composition of their products are false. Glutax claims that they’re manufactured by Dermedical Skin Sciences from Italy when allegedly their sources are from Malaysia but it is made in China.


Doctors were alarmed when Glutax sell out 15g, 35g, 75g, and 100g in the market, so they decided to test its contents. Now, Glutax just released higher doses like 200g, 300g, 500g they even have 1000g! That is pretty high.

1 gram = 1,000 milligrams

According to Ateneo Assay Test or Philippine Institute of Pure and Applied Chemistry (PIPAC), 5 grams of Glutax contains only 0.25 grams of ‘true glutathione’. So does this mean Glutax and their claim is fake? Is their glutathione effective? Is it even safe?

Philippine Institute of Pure and Applied Chemistry (PIPAC) Certificate

Philippine Institute of Pure and Applied Chemistry (PIPAC) Certificate

Many are jumping into this glutathione injection and IV drip hype, but are they even aware of this fact? Let’s compare the difference of a low-dosed Glutax to a high-dosed Glutax…


How come the 3gs and the 200gs have the same sizes of vials and ampoules? 

If ever Glutax’ claims are true, why is there only a little difference on their 3gs and 200gs? We’re wondering why the ampoules and vial size are just the same? If a 200g is equal to 200,000mg therefore the vials should be way, way bigger or way, way more than those of 3-gram vials.

If ever Glutax’ claims are true, why does the cost of their products are so cheap? Their claims that they’ve added many different ingredients that will improve your complexion and the radiance of your skin just mean that Glutax should be pricey. Other 1500mg glutathione kit’s price ranges from P2,000-P2,500 but did you know that a 5000mg to 6000mg of Glutax is within that price range as well? Glutax 500gs price ranges from P5,000-P6,000 only, yes it’s nice to buy affordable products but given that your wellness is at risk here, is it still worth it? Isn’t it suspicious how cheap Glutax is?

We’re encouraging everyone to be a smart buyer especially on these kind of products since your health and wellness will be at stake. We know you want to avail the ever so sweet promise of instantly beautiful skin but let’s take time first if what we’re purchasing is authentic, if any adverse effect occurs to you, will it be worth it? NO. So be sure to buy from trusted suppliers and have it done by registered nurses for safe administration.

For suppliers and shops, it is your duty to be responsible of the products you’re selling. Please be sure that the products you’re distributing are safe because if not, you’re just helping the manufacturers to distribute fake goods.


UpdateThere are also Glutax Glutathione Pills and Capsules in the market ranging from Glutax 5GS Cellular Whitening, Glutax 75GS Nano Pro Cell, up to Glutax 200GS Diamond Bright. Yes, 200GS! 200,000mg of L-Glutathione! In a single softgel capsule! In it’s purest form… well, atleast that’s what they’re saying.

But wee say it’s PURE BULL!

Do not believe their larger than life claim, always be a sharp shopper.

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