Here’s What Ed Sheeran Looks Like in ‘The Bastard Executioner’

Just last month, it has been announced that our favorite ginger singer, Ed Sheeran is going to play a completely different role in an upcoming medieval drama series called The Bastard Executioner which is also from the creator of Sons of Anarchy, Kurt Sutter.

Since Ed is a massive fan of the Sons of Anarchy and has exchanged tweets with Kurt Sutter and hung out with him, he later on landed a role in his new gory drama series. They’ve just released the first look of Eddie as Sir Cormac. Look!


How adorbs! Can you imagine him being dangerous?

Ed Sheeran will play as Sir Cormac, an ambitious and dangerous protégé of a church elder. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Ed said that I find that I have reputation of being a smiley approachable guy, so I wanted the opposite. I said to Kurt, make sure that I’m not typecast at all. Write me as a complete d—head in it. I feel like I need that.”

The show will debut on Sept. 15, we won’t surely miss this!

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