G4M: Men’s Sex and Skin Partner

It’s completely normal for women to have an armada of beautifying supplements and products that will help them look better. Women are so fond of creams, powders, serums and lotions to a smoother and better complexion. They even tried different kind of diets, workouts, and pills to lose weight. According to studies, an average woman spends 6.4 hours in front of the mirror per week, while men spend 4.5 hours only.

The beauty industry is definitely booming not just here in the country but worldwide since both men and women have their own bodily obsessions that they want to tweak whenever they see themselves in the mirror.

Young handsome man touching his smooth face after shaving

Skin whitening is widely popular here. They’ve totally upped their game on making skin whitening products. They aim to not just lighten the skin, but also give a natural rosy glow to it. And the most popular and effective skin whitener here is by taking glutathione pills. It’s an antioxidant that cleanses the body, detoxifies the liver, strengthens the immune defense, and skin whitening is just its side effect.

But, have you ever heard of glutathione for men? A skin whitening product for men? It’s completely within the norm if a woman is too picky with her skin care products, so why is it odd if a man is hands-on with his skin care too?


Introducing, G4M Glutathione for Men, the best and most effective brand of glutathione that is formulated for men and their needs. It’s not just a skin lightening supplement for men but it also contains ingredients that actually help them with their men problems.

G4M has korean ginseng extracts that can increase the production of male hormones and enhances their sperm production. It also includes gingko biloba that promotes healthy blood flow and treats impotency. G4M also contains L-Citrulline that helps ease erectile dysfunction. Just so you know, 26% of young men suffer from erectile dysfunction, so it’s not just a problem for older men. G4M also includes aphrodisiac herbs that enhances the libido and promotes longer endurance and harder erection quality. Truly, this supplement is a game changer for male infertility and virility issues.New Collage1And since most men enjoy an active lifestyle, doing few hoops, lifting, or kicking balls here and there, G4M helps increase body’s tolerance and muscle recovery. So it’s not just another skin lightening supplement, it is a HEALTH supplement that is perfect for all men.

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