Facebook Brings Your Profile Picture To Life With New Update

Bring your Profile Pictures to life!


Yesterday, Facebook updated us on what they’ve been working on to improve the leading social media site and we better brace ourselves for they just announced that there’s going to be a Profile Video option on their mobile app – YES! You can now change your profile picture into a looped video of your face. Just like the funny GIFs you used to reblog in Tumblr and the mini selfie videos you make in Snapchat. Oh facebook is totally tolerating our conceited self.

It is also said that you can set a time frame (one hour, one day, etc.) whenever you change your profile pic with the Temporary Profile Photo option. According to their statement, Profile videos will let show a part of yourself you couldn’t before, and add a new dimension to your profile.


“We’ve also made some small changes that will help you learn more about the people you’ve just met and ensure you see the most interesting visual highlights from the friends you already know. People love seeing photos and mutual friends when viewing the profiles of friends or someone they’ve just met, so those are easier to see now on profile.” said in their statement.

So, who’s excited to change Profile Pictures/Videos?! We totally are!

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