Bye Bye Man Bun, Hello Man Braid!

2015 was a year of hairsperiment not just for women but also for men. We have lob for women which simply means long bob.

For men, they tried to catch up by donning a little too far-out styles like glittered beards and merman hair…

Man + Mermaid colored-dye = Merman

YUP. Glittered beard was a thing.

and YES…we have seen the glorious days of man bun and top knots, oh boy!

Men and their buns lol

Zayn looking sharper than ever with his top knot

Tbh, these outlandish hairstyles are giving them incredible amount of sex appeal. And this 2016, they’re onto the next level of their hair game.

Introducing… The MAN BRAID

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We have also seen male celebs who have sported man braid waaaay before it became a trend…

Harry Styles

We’ve seen this curly-haired cutie with his wild untamed hair all over his face, with a bandana on, with a headband on, and oh, a man bun! He rocked man bun way better than most of us girls.

Back in 2014, we’ve seen 1D’s resident lothario rocking man braid during their tour. That was 2 years ago. How very fashion forward of you, Harold!

Jared Leto

In last year’s Golden Globes, we’ve seen Jared Leto’s simple plait, and months later, everybody’s doing it, from young studs to daddies. Well, we gotta give it to him, he’s doing a very fine job in donning different hairstyles from classy slick-back to pastel-colored locks.

Travis Fimmel

Talking ’bout outlandish, our favorite Viking Travis Fimmel managed to keep his overgrown hair in some hardcore plaits for years. He stars in History Channel’s historical tv series Vikings as Ragnar Lothbrok, a legendary Norse ruler, soldier and hero.

Johnny Depp

He can sport any styles remarkably (though “remarkably” is an understatement) He’s Johnny Depp, need we say more?

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