12-in-1 Collagen Drink and its 10-day Challenge

Aging should mean a good thing, right? Like a wine, sweeter, fine and aged to perfection, or like a well-fermented cheese! Older is better. But why are we always in the pursuit of the fountain of youth? We don’t want to look our age. We don’t HAVE to look our age. There are countless ways to keep those pesky age spots, fine lines, sagging skin and crow’s feet on hold. Defying age can be a life-long battle but it sure is fruitful!

Anti-aging is like the heart and soul of skin care. To keep the skin firm, flawless and glowing, you got to nourish it to keep it healthy. We have to bear in mind that skin is an organ too, and it’s the largest one! So it’s not too early or too late to start an anti-aging regimen to keep it nourished.

Collagen is the “Queen Bee” of all anti-aging regimen. It’s an age-defying miracle that works practically like magic not just in the skin but also in our overall health. Typically, it is injected intramuscularly to iron out wrinkles and fine lines and most especially, to reveal an instant youthful radiant skin. But nowadays, it comes in various forms like tablets, capsules, creams, serums, powders, and drinks.

Many hollywood stars lean on to the wonders of collagen supplements, that’s why they always have this immaculately smooth and flawless skin and face.


But what is collagen?

Is collagen safe? For a starter, collagen can also be found in our body, so it’s totally safe. It is the most abundant protein. It’s like glue that holds everything together. But it depletes as we age resulting to loose and sagging skin and weakening of the cartilage in joints.

Due to  stress and exposure to environmental factors such as pollution, some people start to take collagen supplements in their 20s and 30s. It is the best time to start fighting premature ageing and since it fights off free radicals, it is a good antioxidant to withstand stress. Men and women in their 40s take collagen because that’s the age you start to lose almost half of what your body produce, and you know what they say…40s is the new 30s! Collagen is also perfect for our lolos and lolas since it helps strengthen the tendons and joint flexibility, and avoid the tingling sensation and numbness they experience. It can also relieve their arthritis and back pains too. Truly, collagen is the it supplement for skin and health care.

collagen1Benefits of collagen intake:

  • Translucent, lustrous and even-toned complexion
  • Firmer, acne-free and suppler skin
  • Strengthens the nails
  • Fights off free radicals
  • Produces thicker, stronger, and shinier hair
  • Regenerates skin cells and tissues
  • Helps maintain healthy bones and joints

Is your collagen enough?

Many forms of collagen have emerged in the market today carrying sweet promises of glowing and youthful skin. And you might be using one too, but, is it enough? Some have very low content of collagen resulting to slow improvements and some are pricey.

You can now stop lying about your age.

There are numerous collagen variants that are out and most, if not all of them are made in Japan. Collagen craze in Japan is very extensive, and their dewy, youthful and bright complexion can certify to that. East Asian skin does age well and collagen is their secret weapon and you know what? It finally reached our shores!collagen1Collagen drink is one of the easiest and convenient ways to take in collagen. White Allure Collagen Drink is the most potent collagen drink in the country today for it contains 13,000mg of collagen – the highest collagen content here in the Philippines! And not just that, it has 11 other ingredients like glutathione, hyaluronic acid, chondroitin, bird’s nest, marine placenta, etc. It is by far the fastest and the best Collagen Drink in the Philippines and you can feel and see the difference in just 10 days. Collagen side effects may include looking and feeling fresh inside and out.


Are you ready to take on the White Allure Collagen Drink 10-day challenge?

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